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Re: Neon / LED

Posted By: Don Miner
Date: Tuesday, 16 September 2008, at 6:47 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Neon / LED (Sean S)

> We (EGL) do fight the fight against LED's We
> are the only ones that show side by side
> demonstrations at the shows, provide
> literature on power consumption, ect. People
> thank us for helping promote neon and then
> when we visit they use our competitors
> product. We go to shops on a constant basis
> and talk to the benders. Most responses from
> the benders are "we have no say in what
> is used". Purchaseing only wants to
> know "how much". Salespeople push
> LED because they cost more and they get more
> commission on them. One thing that sign
> shops who use wholesalers hate is having to
> wait for thier glass when they can just pull
> it off the reel and stick it in. They dont
> care how it looks or how long it will last.
> Their vinyl jockies can stick them in when
> they are done weeding the vinyl.

> We promote neon to the fullest but it takes
> 2. You see the work that is coming in your
> shop. Speak up about it and upsell your
> skills. Do your own inhouse tests. We will
> gladly provide you with samples for a letter
> but we need to know what program it is for
> and who the contact is so we can follow up.
> Most sign shops hide that info, we only want
> to help. You do not know how many times we
> have contact corperate offices and shown
> them designer white and are told they were
> only shown 6500SW. Why, because it costs
> more and the shop does want to cut into the
> profits.
> I'm not going to rant about this anymore.
> Have a nice day and go promote your skills.
> Electroleds actually put in a magazine add a
> few years ago that you do not need skilled
> labor to use LED's. Her's one for you. Olive
> garden who uses exposed green. they were
> shown green LED behind plex and shown Tropic
> green behind plex. The neon blew it away on
> brightness and energy consumption. I was
> told that they will most likely be going
> with the LED because it is easier for them
> to do and do not have to have a wholesaler
> do the glass. They also have thier own line
> of LED. Will it last??? I dont think that
> they care.

> Southern California Edison has done
> extensive testing on channel letters. Ask
> them for the findings. I bet you will not be
> able to get them. I wonder why?
Hey Sean maybe someone should take the guys from Olive Garden for a traffic light cruise. Green Leds burn out quicker than red or yellow, by a great margin. Where are the savings? Hope, you have a good day. Don

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