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Re: Neon / LED

Posted By: Sean S
Date: Monday, 15 September 2008, at 3:58 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Neon / LED (oldskool)

We (EGL) do fight the fight against LED's We are the only ones that show side by side demonstrations at the shows, provide literature on power consumption, ect. People thank us for helping promote neon and then when we visit they use our competitors product. We go to shops on a constant basis and talk to the benders. Most responses from the benders are "we have no say in what is used". Purchaseing only wants to know "how much". Salespeople push LED because they cost more and they get more commission on them. One thing that sign shops who use wholesalers hate is having to wait for thier glass when they can just pull it off the reel and stick it in. They dont care how it looks or how long it will last. Their vinyl jockies can stick them in when they are done weeding the vinyl.

We promote neon to the fullest but it takes 2. You see the work that is coming in your shop. Speak up about it and upsell your skills. Do your own inhouse tests. We will gladly provide you with samples for a letter but we need to know what program it is for and who the contact is so we can follow up. Most sign shops hide that info, we only want to help. You do not know how many times we have contact corperate offices and shown them designer white and are told they were only shown 6500SW. Why, because it costs more and the shop does want to cut into the profits.
I'm not going to rant about this anymore. Have a nice day and go promote your skills. Electroleds actually put in a magazine add a few years ago that you do not need skilled labor to use LED's. Her's one for you. Olive garden who uses exposed green. they were shown green LED behind plex and shown Tropic green behind plex. The neon blew it away on brightness and energy consumption. I was told that they will most likely be going with the LED because it is easier for them to do and do not have to have a wholesaler do the glass. They also have thier own line of LED. Will it last??? I dont think that they care.

Southern California Edison has done extensive testing on channel letters. Ask them for the findings. I bet you will not be able to get them. I wonder why?

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