Krypton Neon clock

Custom Neon Art and Lighting

Established in 1981, Krypton Neon produces innovative long-lasting designs.
Expertly hand-crafted in New York City.

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Stage, Film, TV

Neon for Stage, Film & Television

We create neon for Broadway stage productions, feature films, and network television.

Neon Signs, Lighting

Neon Signs & Architectural Lighting

We have fabricated literally miles of neon for corporations and businesses large and small.

Neon Art fabrication

Original Neon Art & Fabrication

We work with world-class artists and museums to realize unique impactful works.

Neon Classes

Neon Classes & Instruction

Become enlightened in the art of shaping light in a real working neon studio.

Neon Restoration, Repair

Authentic Neon Restoration & Replicas

We welcome the challenge of restoring or duplicating neon signs and neon art objects.

Neon Rentals

Neon Rentals for Events & Film Shoots

We have a large assortment of rental signs and shapes as well as flashing, dimming, and animation equipment.