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Re: Shop insurance??

Posted By: Darryl Thompson
Date: Tuesday, 22 June 2010, at 1:30 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Shop insurance?? (stampeder)

> With all due respect Mark, you do have the
> habit of jumping on a bandwagon and getting
> upset with people who don't agree with your
> opinion. And please don't try to tell the
> industry that you haven't been involved in
> one sided "discussions" or
> bitching about people.

> I don't ever recall hearing Len Pallas
> telling the world why Daco wasn't dealing
> with you or why you stopped working with
> them but you have commented that there was a
> breakdown in the relationship, and that
> itself suggested in was Daco who was in the
> wrong and not you.

> Daco was the bigger person in the whole
> thing and you know they wouldn't even talk
> about it when people asked for details, but
> I've heard the same can't be said on your
> end.

> Thankfully that nice EGL manifold system I
> bought last month means I'll be dealing with
> a reputable firm if parts are ever required.
> And I found an equally-affordable source for
> 'trodes that I feel are comparable to yours,
> without the 20 questions you give your
> customers before they ever purchase
> anything.

WoW! The DRAMA QUEEN enters. Whats the baby going to do? Seems like the cries are all used up.

It is funny to see how much you think you know. Remember this is a neon group, not your local chat room where you can be the neon go to. There are others here that know more than myself and you. Get used to it.

The whole issue is about YOUR shi**y attitude and KNOW IT ALL way. It is sad that you have to come to an online BBS and spout your vile crap behind a screen name. The rest of us here know who is who and respect one anotherís views.

Its definitely not a bandwagon. SVP is still around, Daco is not, enough said.

I have had several students come to this board and pick up little tid bits of information that have helped. Thread hijacking is rude and you don't seem to care. I guess this thread is one of what attitude not to have in the professional glass arena.

Just hope and pray that I don't show at the liquidation sale of your shop. An attitude like yours will certainly cause a downfall one day that I hope is soon.

So all in all, from the bottom of my heart, FU*K OFF. Your drama and rudeness is such a major embarrassment to be considered a neon tradesman. I will not waste another keystroke on your idiocracy.

I do truely apologize to the others that had to see this crap. The ones here who know me, know of better.


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