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Re: Led's

Posted By: gavin
Date: Sunday, 7 March 2010, at 6:31 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Led's (neontek)

Have just recently had to write a report for a proposed sign. Question was that a green option is the be the go. So ..LED or neon?
Choice of colour to be RED.. LED to be 60LED per metre ( my figures here are metric and my power supply 240V, but the analysis should be the same for USA supply)

I found it hard to get ANY LED supplier to give me figures of what LED will draw from the mains power supply - after all it is this that will determine how much energy we will be using.
Figures are here:

60LED per metre 3528 LED ( single chip) require 24W per 5 Metre. Largest supply is 148W ( 185 @80%). This will run therefore 6.16 rolls of 5M lengths giving us 30.8M of LED

60 LED per metre 5050 LED ( 3 chip) require 72W per 5 metre roll. 148W supply will run 2.05 rolls or 10.28M of LED.

OK - dont sound too bad so far, problem is that the 185W supply requires 240V @ 2A or 480W input to give 148W output.
New electronic transformers require 0.6A input ( 144W) and will power 16M 15mm glass. ( 15KV @ 30mA)

I then gave a scenario of 100M strip lighting required.. neon units broken down to 2.2M lengths and allowed for an extra 15M for electrode losses.

Neon was found to be 2.2 times MORE efficient than 3528 LED and a whopping 4.5 times more efficient than 5050 LED.

Even with iron core transformers - once we go beyond 30 LED per metre there is no energy saving over neon.

I know you guys will have figures of your own.. but this LED bloody thing is world wide and the lies dont stop at your borders.. ive been told neon is now banned - also that neon causes the big power bills in shopping centres. etc etc etc

recent phone call from ex colleague in UK told me that they were now back to making channel letters as sign owners had had enough of the failure rate and crappy grey blotch look of LED.
It is SLOWLY turning and the truth is gradually getting through to some in positions of power.

...Hanging in there and shouting LOUD!!!

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