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Re: Led's

Posted By: Mr. Neon
Date: Thursday, 4 March 2010, at 11:15 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Led's (SVP Neon Equipment)

Good point add to that I wonder with all the "savings" in power consumption of these LED's as claimed to where is the the "breaking point" or the point where the consumer starts to see a positive return on installing LED's over any other lightning source what we are seeing..(I have proof) LED's burning out at an average of 6 months to 2 years time span. What is the cost of replacement of new LED's diodes and repairs? Still a typical service call with charges plus parts adds to this equation.

So now you have save "x" amount of dollars on your electric bill which by the way shows up years down the road...I doubt you will see a "big" difference right away. Then, some of your LED's burn out causing you to call the sign company. They come out and say sorry, the LED's you have in your sign now are discontinued and we have to put in a similar product or update your sign with all new LED's (typical situation but to be fair not all the time) If your lucky this may not happen but from what I am seeing they ARE burning out all over. So you have a service call, not to mention the parts. Figuring what the sign company will or would charge for this call, now you have to wait more years to re-coupe your savings on electricity for using LED's including the "maintenance costs" that so called LED's say could be eliminated. I am beginning to believe LED's are a serviceable market that will bring constant return to the sign companies. Brilliant logic...didn't Hitler quote something about telling a lie over and over and over again soon you and everyone will believe it.

So, if LED is claimed to last 10 years, there would be no work for any sign service because there is nothing to service or replace hence you shut down the market and jobs for another industry...It won't can clearly see the writing on the wall.

Ok enough for today!!!

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