Almost Live from Atlantic City
From the Neon Party at Plasma Graphics Neon
Thursday Night December 4, 1997 (7pm or so??).

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Note: These pages document the live video feed with interactive chat board we did on this site in December 1997 from Plasma Graphics Neon in Atlantic City.

Please note: though the pages sound like the event is live, this is just a recording of what actually happened when it was live.

Here's our first test from Tom's shop. ~3pm

Sorry for the delay. The party has begun! ~8pm

Ben Kresge demonstrates some unique tubes ~9pm

Marcus and Dave A do some bending 10:30 or so

More of Dave A bending ~11pm

Ben Kresge chatting and some Tom B. ~11pm

Tom B's beer commercial for Flying Fish ~11pm

Bill Connery demonstrates some xenon tubes ~11pm

Goodnight Folks! ~2am

Archive of the evening's Live Chat from the net

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