Let There Be Neon &
Museum of Neon Art


Traveling Light 2000

June 9 - 29, 2000

Let There Be Neon
38 White Street
New York, NY 10013

An Exhibition of Luminous Glass Art

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D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-653L.JPG (77760 bytes)
The Simple Thread of Life
Wayne Strattman
Boston, MA

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-654L.JPG (45402 bytes)
Forms of Life III
Marcus Thielen
Duisburg, Germany

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-655L.JPG (55887 bytes)
Paint Box
Orie Tamiya
San Francisco, CA

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-656L.JPG (57933 bytes)
One Enchanted Evening
Deni Drinkwater
Chicago, IL

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-657L.JPG (81993 bytes)
Tower III
Mary S. Vortek
Fort Meyers, FL

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-658L.JPG (58350 bytes)
Incubus [A]
David Wilson
Burnsville, NC

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-659L.JPG (70793 bytes)
Nature of...
James R. White
Tempe, AZ

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-660L.JPG (64768 bytes)
On The Road Again
Ed Biggar
Cana, VA

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-661L.JPG (39024 bytes)
If I Were Only Deaf
Eric Starosielski
Cambridge, MA

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-662L.JPG (43680 bytes)
Philip Hazard
New York, NY

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-663L.JPG (69859 bytes)
Plasmartini: Ignited not stirred
Frank Varnell/Clay Logan
DelMar, CA

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-664L.JPG (50249 bytes)
Self Portrait
Ron Carlson
Cardiff, CA

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-665L.JPG (54497 bytes)
Packing KLight
Damian Johnson
Tempe, AZ

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-666L.JPG (81178 bytes)
Potty Trained
Jason Chakravarty
Tempe, AZ

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-667L.JPG (69874 bytes)
How Does Your Garden Grow
John Stevens
Boyne City, MI

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-668L.JPG (61065 bytes)
Joule Boy
Patrick Nash
New York, NY

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-669L.JPG (55260 bytes)
World In Motion
Rocky Pinciotti
New York, NY

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-670L.JPG (43817 bytes)
Neon To Go
Rudi Stern
New York, NY

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-671L.JPG (51753 bytes)
You are Getting Sleepy [A]
Kenny Greenberg
Long Island City, NY

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-672L.JPG (74931 bytes)
In Between
J. Raven Wilson
New York, NY

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-673L.JPG (44319 bytes)
Cold Hard Evidence
Thomas Cobian
Kansas City, MO

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-674L.JPG (48432 bytes)
Snakey Blue Eyes
Roger J. Spott
Potomac, MD

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-675L.JPG (43576 bytes)
Take Me To Your Leader
Mark Joy
Arlington, WA

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-676L.JPG (51152 bytes)
Sample Case
Brooklyn, NY

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-681L.JPG (69785 bytes)
Ummmm...More [A]
Ed Kirshner
Oakland, CA

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-682L.JPG (58755 bytes)
Eva Leaves Connecticut
Joan Glase
New York, NY

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-683L.JPG (44934 bytes)
Eric Franklin
Phoenix, AZ

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-684L.JPG (62285 bytes)
Urban Angel
Arya Reznikov
Salem, MA

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-686L.JPG (65316 bytes)
Plasma Peep
Jamie Winfree / Ed Biggar
Mt. Airy, NC

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-685L.JPG (114089 bytes)
Plasma Peep
( Detail )

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-677L.JPG (79672 bytes)
Let There Be Neon

D:\AA-Images\Art\TL2k\MVC-680L.JPG (82158 bytes)
Let There Be Neon
New York, NY

Special Thanks to: Tecnolux / The Glass Arts Society / Ed Biggar / Kim Koga / Jeff Friedman / Phil Hazard

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