Check References!!!

Please check references before doing business with any listed service or resource on this site. We offer these listings for free as a service to the neon community. Some of the businesses are known to me personally and have been reliably conducting business for years. I can provide an opinion if needed.

Unfortunately, we have had our first reported rip off. I have removed this business and will bar any business that is unable to resolve a contested transaction.

Neither Krypton Neon nor this website and its author are responsible for any business you conduct with a listed resource. We will however be vigilant in responding to complaints.

Please, as in any business, contact the local Better Business Bureau and ask the company for at least three references. Call these references.

The Internet is a great place, but it can be deceptively intimate. Those of us who are conducting an honest business will suffer if the few con artists manage to put a chill on the business environment.

Thank you for your time and sorry that this has to be stated. Enjoy, but be careful!

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Copyright 1996 © Kenny Greenberg