These Bulletin Boards are for Neon Makers and Enthusiasts.

Presently there are three main groups:

Neon Bender's - which is for technology issues, equipment wanted or to buy, job listings, etc.
Neon Collector's - which is for buying, selling, and trading neon signs, clocks, etc.
Neon BBS Archive - For general announcements in the Neon Industry.

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Anyone from anywhere in the world may post original and follow-up postings. The intent is to focus on the world of neon. Please keep in mind that we have a diversity of cultures and ages checking in to this site and that what some might find perfectly nat ural to express, others might find offensive.

We reserve the right at any time to make deletions and even exclude if necessary, attempts to mis-use this system. Under no circumstances will I or anyone contributing to this site be held liable for any damage or misconduct claimed to be the result of us e of this site.

Please, no advertising that is not related directly to neon.

That stuff aside. Hope you enjoy this site! [ Back to the Neon BBS Directory ]

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