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Windows of Fire
Windows of Fire is a permanent installation by Ron Kowalke at the Honolulu Convention Center. Kenny Greenberg was the technical collaborator/enabler for Ron's artistic vision. The work was completed in February 1998. 

The work consists of three cast aluminum panels made from impressions of pahoehoe (the Hawaiian word for  lava). The panels float away from the wall. 

Within each panel are rows of clear ruby and clear red neon that cast light to the wall behind the panels. The panels also contain transducers that rumble in the sub-bass range. 

Data derived from real-time samples of the underwater sounds and activity of Loihi - Hawaii's active undersea volcano - are transmitted via the internet to the panels on neighboring Oahu. The neon light shimmers in response to the data and the panels physically rumble in response to the volcano's sound. 

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