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The Krypton Neon Color Page
We have a few different ways to show you neon colors:

Low Resolution Browser Neon Web Palette:

Krypton's Generic Neo-Tonic Scale 
Based on the 'browser-safe' color palette, I invented this scale as a fast generic standard for approximating the neon palette via the web. A neon shop may then be able to  inform you of what variety is stocked that matches your request. 

Higher Accuracy Viewable and Printable JPEG Neon Color Charts:

JPEG of Standard 
Neon Colors
JPEG of 'Rich' Colors
(Double & Rare Earth)
JPEG of 'Exotics'
(Soda Lime)
I designed the above charts for a more accurate approximation of  neon colors. 
For the most reliable neon color comparison and selection, use real neon. 
While numbers are not included the color names match the Neo-tonic Scale.

Downloadable Neon Color Charts:

Pop-Up Color Chart
(105k Zip Format)
WIN95/98 & DOS
programs display my
three Neon Color Charts
JPEG Color Chart
(123k Zip Format)
Standard JPEG of my 
three Neon Color Charts

Krypton's Newer Color Charts

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