All about Neon-Land

This new area is for Neon-L members.

Registration is Free and you will not be placed on anyone else's mailing list.

With Neon-L well into it's second year, quite a few of us felt a need to learn a little more about eachother. This area is an attempt to make that possible.

You will be asked to select a username and password which serves two functions: It allows you to view other member pages AND you will be able to create and edit your own page. Also you can upload a photo of yourself! You should select a short username that will help you and others to identify your page. Save your password. It may be needed at unexpected times.

The usual disclaimers about no responsibility for loss or damages, etc are in effect. This is an experimental zone.

And there will be a search engine eventually. That will take a bit more time.

If you have any problems with or Bug Reports for this system, email me with the particulars as well as your browser and version number, and your operating platform.


Upload Stuff

Remember that uploading your photo and putting it on the page are two different things. First upload the photo. If the letter case doesn't match your user name, edit the filename on the upload form. After the upload succeeds, you can return to your edit page and click the publish button to add your photo. If you don't see your photo try your browser's reload button - though you shouldn't need to. If there is still a problem, let me know.

To replace your image simply upload a file with the same name.

Publishing trick but... I've found that you can save some steps after publishing if you use the back button quickly. Click twice to bypass the "Success" Page before it auto-forwards. As I mention below, however, Netsape is not always happy with this and you can definitely cause a non-fatal program crash. This is probably a problem related to Netscape's cache.

Is it a bug? Is it a feature?

When you edit you may find large spaces or wraps that make it look like your text disappeared. This comes from transactions between your browser and my Unix system. Browsers ignore space so it's more an annoyance than a bug.

It's probably a good thing to add carriage returns and delete spaces next time you edit.


You can clip from a text file and paste into the editting boxes. JUST MAKE SURE you paste ascii text only. Otherwise???

Known Bugs and Fixes:

HTML Mark-up does some wierd things - especially if you try to create a URL. My temporary fix for that will be to add a specific portion for users to add URLs.

The quotation problem has hopefully been fixed.

Not really my bug, but Netscape 3 will crash if you keep going back and forth between forms and results. At least this is so on my 486. We'll see how the Pentium and Netscape 4 deals with it.

The Authorization Fail message you are may get first time in is probably something I can weed out eventually. It doesn't do any harm. It's just annoying.

- Kenny-- March 8, 1997

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