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I am a glass bender from east central Illinois. I have been bending glass for around 7-8 years now. Lucked into the trade really. After high school I moved to Texas to work at my fathers sign shop. Started out painting signs and working with a cadilac plotter, the Gerber 4B. Work started to dry out so I came back home in 1995 and started with my current employer. Late 1997 the glass bender decided he wanted to work his way into the office roll, so they asked me and another fella if we wanted to learn how to make neon signs. A competition you might say. Well I was in some law trouble and didnt have a license, so by hitching a ride with my step father I was at the shop around 6am every morning. The other guy had children and such so he couldnt give as much time. So with that the boss was able to make money off of me sooner and I got the job. A couple more years as the apprentice and my mentor was able to resign from the glass shop. As the years have gone by I have become able to do just about everything our shop has to offer, from selling to installation. Now my main function is neon and selling. I have just recently discovered these message boards due to my search of added knowlege. I learned alot from my mentor about how to bend and light glass but not much as to why it is done that way. To learn why is my goal now. So thanks for letting me hang around.Travis

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