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I was born and raised in the neon sign trade, my dad made me start at the age of twelve. He always told me “you may never do it for a living but you will at least know how to make a living doing something.” I went into business in for myself in 1974 and have been doing it ever since. Of course, the greatest day of my life was in 1983 when I walked in and fired twenty-eight people and kept three on for eight months to finish up all the jobs we had left in the shop. Then I went to being strictly wholesale to the sign trade. Manufacturing and shipping neon signs and channel letters all over the world. Unlike most people I know I did not go to work everyday, I went to play and got paid extremely well for doing it. I have watched neon go steadily down hill over the last thirty years because of all the want a bee’s and the has ben’s who though they were tube benders and neon sign builders. Now I know what my dad meant when he used to say “I am glad mine is all behind me, and I did not have to learn from these guys or I would never have made it either.” Everyone wants to be a neon bender but they want to cut corners to get there. Then they can’t figure out why they did not succeed and ended up just like the one who taught them.

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