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New to Neon and setting up shop!

Posted By: Mike Muldowney
Date: Thursday, 26 February 2015, at 12:04 p.m.

Hello everyone!

I've procured a complete setup from a gentleman who was downsizing his list of hobbies. It's all Daco stuff, the manifold and guages are all carrying the PNL logo, so that should give an idea of what vintage it is.

The fellow went to neon school at Daco, thought he would do it as a retirement gig....but never got past the bending part. He said he was a little intimidated by the bombarding procedure. As manifold, vacuum pump, bombarder, diffusion pump, all brand new never used. The fires hardly have any time on them either.

I've been reading lot sof books and have a pretty good plan as to how I'm going to set it all up, but have a couple questions that I can't quite get out of the literature.

1: I need to get new hoses to go from the air/gas manifold to the fires. Is it seriously just latex hose? I feel like that's not robust enough. Could I use that flexible BBQ hose for at least the ribbon and crossfire burners?

2: Since it's never been used, should the oil in the diffusion pump and u-gauge be good to go still?

3: The u-gauge should read level side to side with the top stopcock open and the blow hose connection open to atmosphere, yes? I got laid on it's back during transport and I had to get all the fluid to migrate back down where it belongs. I didn't lose any, it all stayed near the u-gauge....but now it doesn't seem to want to level out.

4: I got a fair amount of glass with the package. A good deal of it is 'dusty'. How do I go about cleaning it? The clear glass can I literally just wash with water or glass cleaner? What about the phosphor coated glass? I can't run a pipe cleaner or anything through it as that will just ruin the powder...right?

I think that's all for now....I'm sure there will be many more questions as I get to actually setting it up and starting to use it. First benches.

Thanks everyone!


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