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NEON Museum in Las Vegas

Posted By: neontek
Date: Friday, 28 February 2014, at 3:16 p.m.

I finally paid a visit to the NEON Museum in Las Vegas. I left with mixed emotions (mostly disappointment as to how they are helping misinform the public by words and action, regarding NEON vs.led issues, and the future of NEON).

First and foremost, I am glad someone/anyone is saving and displaying old signs. Add to that, restoring and lighting up a few of them. Wonderful !

Here's the downside :
The tour begins with a "sign" (huge arched cabinet structure section from a former casino FILLED/LIT WITH ONLY INCANDESCENT BULBS).
When I asked why this was on display at the NEON MUSEUM ( as there was NO NEON at all on the "sign", only incandescent bulbs ) the tour guide said "oh, we have many signs that are not NEON".
Umm... then why is isn't it called "The Las Vegas Sign Museum" instead??? I came to see NEON signs!!!

That was my last question (or attempt to correct or educate the tourguide who spewed out some misinformation and numerous LED corp propaganda during the tour). Here's a few statements to the tour group... 1) Neon is dead except for small beersigns,etc. Because led's are so much more efficient than NEON.Really?
2) NEON is so expensive - REALLY?(compared to led border tubing which is 3 times the price?)
3) Current NEON colors are achieved by painting tubes with enamel paint. - Really? Other than mass produced beer signs I see no change in how tubes achieve different colors than past days.
4)I quit listening to most of what she had to say...
and just admired some quality Neon and Sheetmetal craftsmanship of the past.

5)Our own sign "The NEON MUSEUM" is illuminated with led outlines instead of NEON because led's are so much more efficient.


I glance at their sign and yep, crap led borders and what appear to be incandescent bulbs in center areas(which are highly efficient-lol)

You are going to name your place "The NEON Museum" and erect your own sign constructed of led's instead of NEON??? Well GO F*%K YOURSELF !


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