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Re: Gauges

Posted By: bill's neon
Date: Saturday, 6 April 2013, at 12:56 p.m.

In Response To: Gauges (Bill's neon)

Hello Responders,

Thanks for all the info. I appreciate all of it. I like to make and do things myself as much a possible, and i also like to know that i will get what reading i need out of it. All research on this end. I borrowed a ol' Transco Televac 2 from a friend, hooked it up the the pumping arm and I pulled down to about 2 microns ultimate. And I'll have to ask the owner if the gauge goes below that on his system.... maybe that is the max the needle goes... hey i hope you two know you your banter is entertaining, kind of reminds me of grade school.... he he.

> Hello,

> Can anyone give me some advice on what to
> look for in a Micron Vacuum gauge. I have a
> glass manometer for a fill gauge. The
> Manafold is pieced together from different
> parts. all Boro glass, and O'ring
> compression Stopcocks. for now, i don't plan
> on having the Micron gauge hooked up to the
> manafold full time, I just want to connect
> it to the manafold via one of my two pumping
> arms (with no unit hooded up) and get a
> reading for ultimate vacume. The compression
> fittings i could use to connect the Gauge
> are either 6mm, at the tubulation point, or
> 12mm or 18mm, where the pumping arm 'T' goes
> into the manafold.

> Im hoping for an inexpensive gauge, as for
> now just trying to test the system, and not
> have it hooked up full time.

> Thanks!

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