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Re: Attention: Kenny Greenberg

Posted By: stampeder
Date: Friday, 25 June 2010, at 8:47 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Attention: Kenny Greenberg (neontek)

> *********

> Oh boy... now ya went off topic and started
> different shit (aye?).
> Let's not even get started on the subject of
> "the canadian FREE ride" at the
> expense of their AMERICAN neighbor !!!

> I was just sitting back and staying out of
> this one, but...
> You'd be speaking German or Japanese if not
> for America. I do recall Canada being
> involved in WWII from the moment your
> beloved England entered it... and in 1941
> (even with ALL THE CANADIAN HELP) you all
> were barely hanging on !

> I can't even begin to comprehend the large
> dollar amount WE invested in OUR military
> (then and now) to not only protect and help
> us, but others. By your geographical
> location it also protects YOU at NO COST to
> YOU. After all, what country would attack
> Canada when it sits next to the USA's
> military force ?

> I may be wrong, but I do believe it was at
> least 100 years after America FOUGHT for our
> freedom, that yours was granted/given to you
> by England (or did they charge you for it?).
> To this day many Canadians worship the Queen
> as if she was your own
> (pooey-disgusting)royalty!
> Unfortunately many Americans are becoming
> more pacified and submissive in nature.
> Rugged individuals who make their own way
> and earn what they have are few... many want
> everything handed to them for free.
> Your canadian socialist/liberal
> "sickness" is spreading... much
> like your "Calgary Stampede"(yeah
> some of us might be able to guess where you
> are from...MR ANONYMOUS). ***There's another
> funny canadian twist... cowboys with no six
> shooters (since your canadian
> "freedoms" do not extend to
> handgun ownership unless they are made
> innoperable!!!).

> My bloodline is by way of canada,
> but Thank God I was born in the USA.
> I have experienced enough canadian culture
> in my visits there to see only beautiful
> landscapes... but not much beauty in it's
> people or it's false illusions of
> "freedom" that they pretend to
> have. I guess if you've always been
> "shackeled" and told you are free,
> then you don't know the difference.

> Tony Danzl

Well thanks for your input Tony, made for an interesting read. Should I assume you don't cross the border into our country at all?

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