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Re: Attention: Kenny Greenberg

Posted By: Darryl Thompson
Date: Friday, 25 June 2010, at 3:03 a.m.

In Response To: Attention: Kenny Greenberg (stampeder)

> I've got a bit of a complaint regarding
> online harrassement by Mark Snyder on this
> website. The guy jumped into a discussion
> between two people and didn't like that I
> called him out on it.

> Now I've noticed at least two other topics,
> totally unrelated to the first one, where
> he's attempted to re-hash and continue the
> crap. As a user who values what this site
> can do for the industry I'd like to see the
> original thread cleaned up if at all
> possible, along with the other unwarranted
> comments he's made.

> You can email me on here if needed. Thank
> you.

All I have to say is, WoW. I guess I’m going to have to look forward to a morning in the principals office.

@ Mark – I told you picking on the bully in class would get us in some crap! Now we face detention, or worse, deportation to Canada! What do I tell my parents? Or worse, the spouse?

@ GB, Tomz, Neontek and to the audience, I do apologize if I did kick this crap off with my posts. I just don’t appreciate a persons crappy attitude and seemingly pompous replies. I live in and rely on a U.S. neon market as I have been for 23 years. I did not become pissed till I learned the fact of the aggressive poster lives outside the U.S. market. Lastly I did refrain from the anti-Canadian jokes, it took a lot. Lol

@ Stampeder – DUDE! Come out of your closet, why hide behind that screen name? The starting of this thread is one of the silliest things I have ever seen on the web. The “I got my feelings hurt” and cry to the bbs owner is very unbecoming of a professional. We are all adults here and have several friends on here. It seems you want no connection with either party. I find it annoying as do others, safely said.

Till you grow up, get a pair (whatever it is called in Canada) and quit hiding you will not be taken seriously. Someone that has a point to make can back it up in print or pictures. One or both I can do with 95% of my postings on here in the neon respect.

As in your pokes to/about Mark,

If you have never met the man or have print to back you, its just unreliable trash talk. I have been doing business with him for awhile now and have been 110% satisfied by his class of business. If you were to poke at anyone else on this bbs like you have done him, my response to you would be the same.

Most everyone here are good, respectful people and don’t pre-judge nor read just what they want to read and flame someone. I myself read every typed word and offer help if I know I can. If I don’t know I keep my mouth shut. I would not offer advice to someone outside my market unknowing of the rectifications or prop up my argument by a “buddies” yes or no.

Know it for yourself thoroughly or you will ruffle feathers.

Some good advice,

Tell everyone who you are and give yourself recognition. The longer you hide and want to be a part of this bbs, you will find out that your word will suffer.

Enough of the ramble. It’s 3am and I have to fire the plant early for another long day.


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