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Re: Attention: Kenny Greenberg

Posted By: neontek
Date: Friday, 25 June 2010, at 1:24 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Attention: Kenny Greenberg (stampeder)

> Just to let you know, Canadians have also
> died for pretty much the same rights (we
> have 'freedom of expression' up here), and
> in case your media fails to mention it,
> those deaths are often alongside YOUR
> troops, and have even been killed by US
> bombs that were dropped onto DND troops
> doing training. Now if we Canadians had
> politicans that could say no whenever an
> American president begs for help... if you
> want to pull the "it's an American
> board stuff" then by all means have it
> that way but please don't complain when
> people up north stop helping out.

> Our troops, politicians and everyday
> citizens have helped out Americans more than
> we get recognition for. The last big event I
> remember was the grounding of US planes all
> across Canada during 9/11. But even then we
> got critisized by many of those south of the
> border. Nowhere else would you have seen
> normal Mr. & Mrs. Joe showing up at
> shelters set up by the Red Cross and take
> people to their homes because "it
> wouldn't be the Canadian Thing to do"
> if we let these stranded passengers sit on
> cots in arenas and barracks.

> I personally took great pride in helping out
> at the local lobster shop where fresh cooked
> lobsters were served free of charge to those
> who probably expected a dried-out bulkmade
> sandwich instead. It turned into a chance to
> learn about each other and for the stranded
> to see new places and take their minds off
> things.

> I know this went way off the original topic
> but it pisses a lot of Canadians off when
> you hear the "its an American (whatever
> item)" because those words are usually
> meant in an anti-Canadian sentiment. Now if
> that wasn't your intention then please
> accept my apology.


Oh boy... now ya went off topic and started different shit (aye?).
Let's not even get started on the subject of "the canadian FREE ride" at the expense of their AMERICAN neighbor !!!

I was just sitting back and staying out of this one, but...
You'd be speaking German or Japanese if not for America. I do recall Canada being involved in WWII from the moment your beloved England entered it... and in 1941 (even with ALL THE CANADIAN HELP) you all were barely hanging on !

I can't even begin to comprehend the large dollar amount WE invested in OUR military (then and now) to not only protect and help us, but others. By your geographical location it also protects YOU at NO COST to YOU. After all, what country would attack Canada when it sits next to the USA's military force ?

I may be wrong, but I do believe it was at least 100 years after America FOUGHT for our freedom, that yours was granted/given to you by England (or did they charge you for it?). To this day many Canadians worship the Queen as if she was your own (pooey-disgusting)royalty!
Unfortunately many Americans are becoming more pacified and submissive in nature. Rugged individuals who make their own way and earn what they have are few... many want everything handed to them for free.
Your canadian socialist/liberal "sickness" is spreading... much like your "Calgary Stampede"(yeah some of us might be able to guess where you are from...MR ANONYMOUS). ***There's another funny canadian twist... cowboys with no six shooters (since your canadian "freedoms" do not extend to handgun ownership unless they are made innoperable!!!).

My bloodline is by way of canada,
but Thank God I was born in the USA.
I have experienced enough canadian culture in my visits there to see only beautiful landscapes... but not much beauty in it's people or it's false illusions of "freedom" that they pretend to have. I guess if you've always been "shackeled" and told you are free, then you don't know the difference.

Tony Danzl

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