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Re: Attention: Kenny Greenberg

Posted By: GB
Date: Thursday, 24 June 2010, at 10:49 p.m.

In Response To: Attention: Kenny Greenberg (stampeder)

First, this is an American based forum and we Americans EARNED our right to free speech. Americans have fought, died, and everyday loose more freedom of speech rights, so censorship or removal of the posts or banning anyone is unacceptable.

After reading all the postings a number of times, I am enlightened to say that you Stampeder have encouraged and instigated the responses. If you know the person submitting the rebuttals so well why have you motivated him to respond? You seem to relish the last word and your anger based responses have not answered the questioned posed to you at hand. What did you expect? You also have responded negatively to the other poster which was unsubstantiated.

Your statement "I thought the worst attitude I met in the neon industry was from a pyrex manifold maker years ago but apparently it's spread to others." was the match that lit the fire. You should have have more suave in your verbal diction or rethought your position and never written that. Stick to the facts, it is opinion that gets us into dire and defensive situations.

Being a visitor to this site for years, I can tell you that most people will not post a response positive or negative to this conversation. They will sit on the sidelines, take sides, or simply roll their eyes. You have to admit it is entertaining reading.

I believe the final "straw on the Camels Back" to be cliche, was your direct posting to Kenny himself. I remember many many years back we use to call kids like that in school tattle tales or red necks. Please stand by your convictions. You are anonymous at the moment to the readers of the boards so remember that, it does not personally effect you unless the readers truly know who you are.

I have seen these disputes over the years linger for weeks. If you are smart you will let it be, move on, and chuckle that indeed other people read this board - you have stimulated their interest. Have some compassion for Tomz, the person who started the post with a legitimate question, that unfortunately was hijacked by anger. Neon is not yet dead but it is suffering a black eye.

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