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Re: What happened??

Posted By: Don Miner
Date: Friday, 16 October 2009, at 8:27 a.m.

In Response To: Re: What happened?? (neontek)

> ********************************************

> The sad part is, most of us have a strong
> passion for making NEON. It's not just
> another business, we love what we do.
> So, after 26 years in the NEON business it
> will be hard to figure out what else to do
> for a living. Who wants a "job" ?
> I will always continue making NEON, but may
> have to look for additional sources of
> income.

> Tony D.
Well, from my point of view, here are some reasons for the partial demise of neon. Lack of adaquate training in bending, pumping and installations. I have seen some very low quality bending, thin bends, bubble welds, black stained glass from too much gas in the fires, etc. Mercury stains, from excess amounts of mercury. I have seen installs so poorly done, I was amazed that the building had not burned to the ground. Poor or no additional insulation through metal conduit, definetely a no-no, but some nut at UL says that is the way to go! I am not surprised that land lords do not want neon on their premises. What can we do to improve this delimma? There is no magic cure-all for certain. We just have to bite the bullet and push for better schools for our craft. I can remember, back in the 60's when I started, there were apprenticeships, where you got OJT. But the bottom line now will not permit it. I guess it really all comes to on word GREED! Just my 2 pennies. 49 years at the bench and counting. Pesce, Don Miner

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