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Re: Mercury

Posted By: Don MIner
Date: Thursday, 20 November 2008, at 3:54 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Mercury (SVP Neon Equipment)

> LED's contain elements that are (shall we
> say) detrimental to the environment too -
> possibly more so than the mercury in neon or
> fluorescent tubes depending on how you look
> at it. (You don't think the LED Klan is
> going to volunteer this info to the general
> populace, do you?) I would not volunteer
> information that some neon tubes contain
> mercury because it is unwittingly using the
> same scare tactics against yourself that the
> LED Klan does. If a customer comments or
> asks, I would not hesitate to divert the
> subject to informing them of the hazards of
> manufacturing, using and disposing of LED's.
> It is way overdue, but there is finally some
> info starting to come out on this.

> Neon tubes containing mercury are not
> hazardous unless they are broken and/or
> disposed of improperly. If and when a
> customer, or potential customer, brings up
> the hazards, or potential hazards of neon
> because it may contain mercury, first inform
> them that it is no more hazardous or
> dangerous than items currently used in their
> homes and cars. Second, inform them of the
> hazardous materials used in LED's. And don't
> forget to inform them of the pollutants and
> energy required to manufacture LED lighting
> to start with, which IMO vastly outweighs
> any energy savings obtained during the
> useful life of said LED's.

> When all things are considered, start to
> finish (manufacturing to disposal) LED's are
> less efficient and more toxic than neon
> could ever hope to be IMO. That is what
> people in general and in the sign and
> lighting industry need to hear: That LEDís
> are not the greatest thing in lighting since
> the Sun was created. They do not need to be
> constantly reminded that *some* neon tubes
> contain mercury.

> Mark
AMEN to that Mark, give 'em both barrels! IMO this mercury thing has been blown way out of proportion, I'll take my 48 years on the neon bench any day over driving on some highways I could mention. I feel much safer in my neon shop any day. Peace my brothers of the blow hose, and before I forget, HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

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