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Re: FLASHBACKS! not the groovy 60's!

Posted By: Darryl Thompson
Date: Wednesday, 29 October 2008, at 11:48 a.m.

In Response To: Re: FLASHBACKS! not the groovy 60's! (SVP Neon Equipment)

> LOL - I'm fortunate in the hair department.
> I can't think of a family member (past or
> present) who has thin hair, much less bald.
> Although it does seem to be changing color
> against my will...

> That's all I was trying to do is inform. If
> someone wants to stand under a tree during a
> lightening storm it's their choice ;-)

> Mark

I feel a bit like a lemming today however, I still wont stand under that tree. LOL Thanks for the input guys. My battle has been won! I had to buy that junk from the kid for mental surity. Now the question lies on who I will send it to for Christmas? Maybe the 20 + bender? I have 20 + and somewhat a prodigy in neon, but I still know what will fry my butt in an attended bombardment system.

I respect electricity even more since I lost a collegue in Roanoke by electrocution. Granted it was not by a metal manifold, but it was electricity all the same. Why take the risk if especially if you can get a cleaner system and better units by using glass? I knew glass was better just after 2 years working in neon.

If a 9 year old can figure that out why can't a bender that had a later start figure that out? Even after 20 years?

Since the others are doing it.. Lemming effect!
21 solid years in neon
13 in Electronics
10 in Industrial Electric Control Systems
Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering

LOL YES! Metal will kill or hurt you no matter if you put 20 earth grounds on those things in the right situation. AC is not prejuduced. Metal will work "safe" (and I use that lightly) for unattended production systems but not the average glass shop.

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