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Re: NEON vs. LED YouTube video

Posted By: Darryl Thompson
Date: Friday, 17 October 2008, at 12:33 a.m.

In Response To: NEON vs. LED YouTube video (SVP Neon Equipment)

Hello to Mark and all!

Neon vs LED? Neon Advocate Group? LOL it may be a good thing or a well wasted time ordeal if its not handled correctly. The video was ok I guess in a way, but what consensus is being done for? Vendors and large wholesale companies? I myself would not have much of an issue forking out what they are asking for membership if there was some gearing towards the smaller independent shops. I personally don’t feel shaken by the touts of the LED industry, however large wholesalers and neon supply companies may be seeing the margins shift for the moment. I have LEDS lighted right beside neon in the shop and guess what the customer stares at comatose? NOT THE LED’S. lol

Remember Fiber Optic neon simulation materials in the past? Oh yea what happened?

If the Neon Group could offer some different “cheaper” levels of membership I would go full tilt and help support the cause. Unfortunately like another poster stated it may become an exclusive membership group. Neon benders are a large group but they don’t hover closely like bugs on a bulb, they are 1 or 2 here and there spread out in private shops. With that said they need to look at the neon industry as a large, not at just the suppliers and wholesale companies. In order to get a grip on the LED over neon it will definitely have to be a grassroots transition, with the little guys. So ask for less on membership “honey” and the benders “fly’s” will come running to support the cause as long as they are recognized.

If I joined I would definitely recruit but some of my students and fellow benders are not as fortunate as some of us to afford it. If I couldn’t have a past student be apart of what I support because of the price, I will not be there. This is because if it does advocate my shop’s mission and smaller shops it would definitely help new benders to the trade with the ammo to help establish their business in the face of LED technology by providing a variety of comparative resource materials to back the benders claims.

Till they figure out a better membership price and what expanded options of being a member can be offered for the smaller shops. I will just keep using a funny customer field reference “ If you are out tonight just take a look at Walgreen’s letters and see what LED’s will do for you”. 90% of the next mornings I get a call “ I WANT NEON IN MY CHANNEL LETTERS!”

So if the price don’t go down on membership, I will hold off on the premise that all the chains that went with LED on debut promising lower power consumption, equal brightness & less service. Guess what? That has been a good while ago since several large retailers went LED and those who have serviced LEDs know, 100,000 hr life? In a lab maybe, but not outside. LOL

When the LED Dubut Boom goes Bust! Time honored Neon will put it back where it belongs. On the shelf of the bankrupt importer / manufacturer. And our glass orders will boom once again.

W D Thompson
Old Town, FL

And Mark if they remove History Hacker off their site I will be there in a jiffy for sure! A Hack was right! Just because you touch it don’t mean you invented it. LOL

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