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Re: Tecnolux color changes

Posted By: Sean S
Date: Friday, 11 April 2008, at 12:03 p.m.

In Response To: Tecnolux color changes (Attila)

EGL's match to the #17 is our S-81 which is part #369615 - 15mm for 10 and 12mm change the last 2 digits of the part # to the diameter. It is a very close match but I would never recommend doing multiple manufacturers glass in the same job.

As far as the Ruby ours can be filled with either Neon or Argon.

I hope this helps

> Interestingly, I have been made aware or 2
> color changes at inopportune times (to say
> the least!):

> Tecnolux color tube #17 Novial Gold has been
> discontinued . Replaced with #317 Sunflower.
> Sunflower was formulated to provide more
> luminescence. Fresh box arrived but I have
> yet to compare completed units.

> Tecnolux color tube #118 Ruby Red Neon has
> been discontinued . #18 Ruby Red Argon has
> been reformulated to allow processing with
> either Argon or Neon gas (while maintaining
> a red phosphor coating). This does not match
> existing #118 glass however.

> Suppliers that *claim* to have #118
> remaining in stock simply haven't physically
> checked the glass as their computers have
> not been updated. (After overnighting 3
> attempts from 3 different companies, exact
> same outcome.) As of this writing, Glantz
> has a little over one box of 12mm #118 at
> their warehouse in NY left. That's it in the
> entire country.

> Been a big proponent of Tecnolux's quality
> for a long time. Little peeved that I recall
> no email, press release, or bulletin board
> notice regarding this and had to find out
> the hard way.

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