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Re: Which blower?

Posted By: SVP Neon Equipment
Date: Thursday, 6 March 2008, at 8:06 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Which blower? (Sean S)

> The manufacturer will be able to give you a
> decible level.

The mfg. in this case is unknown. They are surplus and the supplier has little info on them.

> You can quiet the blower down by running
> your intake from outside and exhaust (if you
> use a pressure relief valve).

Mufflers are made for the intake and exhaust as well, which allows you to run them inside without the noise annoyance.

> Smaller blowers will slow themselves down when there
> is back pressure.

Some will, some won't. Depends on the mfg., design of the blower and HP/torque rating of the motor.

> Anything larger than a
> 92CFM will require a pressure relief valve.

...or simply leaving your ribbon burner open all the time if you are only running one small set of burners. Running more than one set at the same time may not require any bleed-off.

> You can also build a U shaped cover for the
> blower with plywood and ceiling tiles. Leave
> the front and back open to allow air to
> flow.

A more elaborate but more effective method is to completely enclose the blower and install a couple of muffin fans in one of the enclosure walls. Install them so one fan blows in to the enclosure and the other out, so you will get forced positive air flow. (The total enclosure also prevents your neighbors dog from lifting his leg on your blower). You can also position the fan that blows in to blow directly on the blower to keep it cooler in hot weather. Wire the fans to come on and go off with the blower.

> Regens emitt the noise from the sides
> and top of the motor.

The noise comes from the turbine blade spinning at 3450 RPM. The noise emanates from the intake and exhaust ports through reversion. I am unclear how it could come from the top of the motor unless there is a faulty capacitor on the motor.


SVP Neon Equipment

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