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New Start to an Old Thread

Posted By: GB
Date: Sunday, 14 October 2007, at 9:28 p.m.

WTF!!!!????? Now I have seen everything. I have no idea who you are MVCS but all I can say is that you have not added constructiion to this conversation but you have just instigated the conversation. You are simply an ass, my God. Many of us have done business with SVP for a number of years many of us even back before Daco purchased his first company, and all I can say is that Mark steps up to the plate and had helped our industry what have you done other than rant and rave to save a few dollars.

When was the last time you saw Daco, Eurocom, Voltarc, Transco, or FMS step up and participate on volunteering answering questions. We only see SVP, EGL and occasionally Tecnolux. Why is that? Where are the rest? Oh yea, they are busy selling LEDs and cutting our neon throats!

As for arrogance, well you have demonstrated who takes the Emmy. Arrogance in many respects is a good thing since it encourages one to always stay one step ahead and be informed. In your case, it is just asinine. All I can say is that you cheated only yourself by not purchasing a system from a reputable company. Even the greatest of men can take a stick, box, and a string and make a mousetrap. You have stated in your previous posts that neon is an added feature to your business. For many of us here neon is our only livelihood and we have dedicated our lives to the medium. We are dedicated to our trade and dedicated to those who merit in the industry. We stand by each other and will defend each other. If you find you can not deal with the different players in this industry then shut the hell up. Some of us are concerned about quality, others are concerned only about capitalism.

I can honestly say that our processing system is a custom built SVP system. There is no other system built like it with the accessories or the level of technical detail. Why is it only SVP would entertain manufacturing this system? Because they knew how to do it and they had the education, experience, and the gumption to think different. You think Daco or Eurocom would have entertained such a thought? Hell no! Here is the difference, you can buy an off the shelf product that meets the general need or you can buy a product that meets your particular needs and exceeds the general need.

Bottom line, we are excited about the new SVP neon electrodes. We have tested them extensively and we will be exclusively using them. We know quality and we know Mark, both go hand in hand! Who the hell are you?

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