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flickering sign

Posted By: beast_95
Date: Saturday, 3 February 2007, at 7:35 p.m.

Alright guys, I need a little help. First of all, I'll admit I really know nothing about neon signs. If this is the wrong forum for such a post, I apologize.

I've got an older beer sign that *used to* work. Its been several years since it's seen power. And it's gotten moved around to a couple different homes along the way (Had it in college and it took a detour to my parents' basement for the last several years).

Anyway, I plug it in and the light is dim and flickering, which it did not do the last time I used it. There is a very slight buzzing sound coming from this clear tube that joins two different sections of neon tubing together, and I get a little buzz of current if I touch it. When I do this, the light brightens quite a bit (and seems to flicker less), although I'm not sure the light is full strength. After I turn off the power, I'm investigating and this little boot (looks like shrink tubing) that joined the intermediate tube to the electrode falls apart as I barely touch it. It was very brittle. Underneath it was a little wet, or more likely oily.

So any suggestions? I've clearly got a short right there at the electrode at the end of the one neon tube, because I still get a little shock when I touch it.

I'm a reasonably handy guy...Is this something a layman can fix? Is this unusual? What about this oily sort of residue under there?...

Thanks in advance


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