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Re: Eurocom Hg electrodes

Posted By: Bobby
Date: Friday, 22 December 2006, at 10:37 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Eurocom Hg electrodes (SVP Neon Equipment)

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the responce. One of my orginal concerns was the amount of Hg., as you said, and I recall when these were first introduced to the market using only one Hg. trode, that may have been the case, but now they are used in pairs. So, will that qualify as enough Hg. for even a tube of longer length? Who knows, I guess we have to take the word of the mfg. that there's the correct amount. I also remember this was brought up back in the INA days, as to quanity of Hg., and was determined the "5mil slug" was a very excessive amount.As for cost, that's not a concern. I'm always open to try a new product if it seems to be viable, but this may be a whole different ball game. I'd love to here what the Troll has to say.............Hiya GN.
Best regards, Bobby

> Hi Bobby,

> By some accounts they do not have enough
> mercury in them for anything more than short
> units. That is debatable and I won't get in
> to that right now.

> As for them being a quality product, I'm not
> sure that is the real issue here. I would
> have to say, based on what I have heard from
> others in the last couple of years, that
> when it comes to their mercury electrodes it
> becomes more a question of how many you are
> willing to buy at one time and how often you
> will repeat that order that dictates the
> customer service and product availability
> you will get. In other words, it becomes a
> question of money as far as Eurocom is
> concerned.

> I don't know if "GB" from this
> board will see this and chime in or not, but
> Eurocom put that person through the ringer
> regarding the mercury electrode deal.

> Whatever you decide to do, good luck.

> Mark

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