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Re: cooling diff pumps

Posted By: Gavin
Date: Saturday, 16 December 2006, at 4:15 p.m.

In Response To: Re: cooling diff pumps (SVP Neon Equipment)

> Definitely have to give you credit for
> thinking! Unfortunately, what you suggest
> will not work very well I'm afraid. The air
> does not have the mass necessary to absorb
> and carry the heat away like the water
> and/or glycol does. If this would work metal
> pump mfgs. would not make individual pumps
> specifically for liquid or air cooling. They
> would just use one design for both.

> 30c (86F) is fairly warm for water
> temperature, but not compared to the
> temperature of the pump body when the pump
> is up to temperature. However, most
> recommendations I have seen call for the
> water temperature to be ~20-22C (65-70F) for
> best results. That does not mean the pump
> will not work at a higher water temp., it
> just won't work as well.

> I assume what you are saying is that it
> would be frowned upon to have a constant
> fresh water supply running through the pump
> due to conservation concerns? Here is an
> idea: Use a recirculating cooling system.
> Make a large reservoir to hold a few gallons
> (4 liters is a little more than 1 gallon) of
> cooling liquid. A well cleaned 5 gal. paint
> bucket or something similar would work as
> the reservoir. Use a submersible pump like
> what is used for home decorative fountains
> or ponds to circulate the liquid (available
> at a home improvement store). Pump the
> liquid from the reservoir through the
> diffusion pump. From the cooling line outlet
> on the pump, run the liquid through a large
> after market automotive type automatic
> transmission cooler, which is essentially a
> small radiator. Get an appropriately sized
> fan to pull or blow air through the radiator
> to help cool the liquid. From the radiator
> run the liquid back into the reservoir.

> Mark

Thanks Mark,
I had considered something along ther lines you mention, but i was hoping to cheat and just bleed off some air from my burner supply, but its not to be - thanks again!

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