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Re: cooling diff pumps

Posted By: SVP Neon Equipment
Date: Saturday, 16 December 2006, at 12:48 p.m.

In Response To: cooling diff pumps (Gavin)

> ive been given several water cooled diff
> pumps, this type of model is pretty much
> obsolete here due to water restrictions etc.
> Now i could set up a glycol system which
> would super cool my diff pump and therefore
> give great results, but im wondering on the
> viability of converting a water cooled diff
> to an air cooled model. The water cooling
> vacuum would depend on surface area, water
> temp, flow, heat dissipation of copper wall
> etc. Would the results be so different if i
> were to run an air flow through instead of
> water???
> Guess this is one for you Mark.
> Bear in mind that a standard water supply
> here in brisbane during summer will not give
> a water temp below 30c

Definitely have to give you credit for thinking! Unfortunately, what you suggest will not work very well I'm afraid. The air does not have the mass necessary to absorb and carry the heat away like the water and/or glycol does. If this would work metal pump mfgs. would not make individual pumps specifically for liquid or air cooling. They would just use one design for both.

30c (86F) is fairly warm for water temperature, but not compared to the temperature of the pump body when the pump is up to temperature. However, most recommendations I have seen call for the water temperature to be ~20-22C (65-70F) for best results. That does not mean the pump will not work at a higher water temp., it just won't work as well.

I assume what you are saying is that it would be frowned upon to have a constant fresh water supply running through the pump due to conservation concerns? Here is an idea: Use a recirculating cooling system. Make a large reservoir to hold a few gallons (4 liters is a little more than 1 gallon) of cooling liquid. A well cleaned 5 gal. paint bucket or something similar would work as the reservoir. Use a submersible pump like what is used for home decorative fountains or ponds to circulate the liquid (available at a home improvement store). Pump the liquid from the reservoir through the diffusion pump. From the cooling line outlet on the pump, run the liquid through a large after market automotive type automatic transmission cooler, which is essentially a small radiator. Get an appropriately sized fan to pull or blow air through the radiator to help cool the liquid. From the radiator run the liquid back into the reservoir.


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