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Re: Masonlite Electrodes

Posted By: SVP Neon Equipment
Date: Thursday, 14 December 2006, at 9:54 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Masonlite Electrodes (Sean S)

> So what does your friend say about glass
> fractures?

You are joking, right? That's like asking you what you have to say about neon.

> Yes it was a cost factor because the mica
> had to be manually put into the electrode,
> modern technology created a machine to do
> this.

It costs money to build and maintain machines, so it is still a cost factor regardless if it is automated or not.

> I never said that our wires were thicker or
> thinner than anyone elses.

You implied that Masonlite's were a thinner wire. That's why I ended my sentence with a question mark, to allow you to quantify your comment.

> What I ment by we is in the USA.

In a perfect world... At best, it is a very broad assumption that everyone in the U.S. uses the same procedure. To the contrary, as I am sure you know.

> So do you know anyone who bombards each unit for 6
> minuites to fully outgas the electrode?

First, let's clarify: Degas and outgas as they relate to vacuum work are two different things even though most people (including some experts) mistakenly think they are the same. With that said I understand what you are asking. But as I said, even at 6 minutes the electrode is not fully degassed. So to answer your question, no I do not know of anyone who bombards for 6 minutes to fully [degas] the electrode because it is not possible to do so.

> That is why I said fast and furious. 120 seconds
> from start to finish , what would you call
> that. I guess I have to tippy toe with my
> expresions.

Careful Sean.

> Yes all the mfgrs have the same problem.
> Question is that it would be a quality
> control issue if it was only happening to
> one company. It happens to every one.

Yes, I believe I have stated that several times on this and other boards over the past several years. And I have never singled out EGL unless I replied to a thread started by someone else regarding EGL products. In fact, I have refrained from replying in a negative manner at times to threads about EGL even though a response was called for.

Btw, why don't they let you post on the boards as a legitimate representative of EGL?

> When you accidentally drop a glass
> Is the vessel full and sealed or empty and
> open where it can flex?

Either. Is the electrode sealed to a tube and processed? What size electrode? How was it processed? Over processed? Under processed, or just right? Did the processing induce any additional stress in the glass jacket of the electrode? What was the filling pressure? What kind of gas (they all have different molecular weights)? How long was the processed tube? Did the length of the tube have any affect on the harmonics produced by the metal shell banging against the glass? Or is the electrode just in a box? If so... well, you get the idea...

> I'm going on a tangent so i'll stop
> here.

Good idea.

> Have a great day ;]

Thank you, I will. And I hope you can do the same - all things considered.


SVP Neon Equipment

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