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Re: Masonlite Electrodes

Posted By: Sean S
Date: Wednesday, 13 December 2006, at 9:49 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Masonlite Electrodes (SVP Neon Equipment)

I'll keep coments short. I have 2 electrodes that i welded together and pumped. We put a spindel in a drill, rotated it smacking the electrode against hard rubber strips to get the collar to bang against the glass. 40,000 hits on each trode and the ceramic was breaking apart but nothing to the glass.

> But it makes it easier
> for the firing end to stay centered. It is
> also a big plus if you ship glass because it
> keeps the ceramic collar from beating
> against the glass jacket, which can easily
> crack the glass bouncing down the road in
> the back of a freight truck.

We still make the 8C and 9C trodes without the collar and put the mica sleeve in side. It was stopped because the collar keeps the shell off the glass

> Why did them all stop
> using the mica band that used to be around
> the inside of the glass jacket? To cut
> costs. (No)

> In all honesty, the disc can cause a
> "hot spot" during bombarding if
> the collar and disc are not tight in the
> metal shell. But so can a non disc electrode
> if the collar is not tight. Masonlite has
> had a problem with consistency with the
> tightness of the disc for years.

If they are to tight the collar can crack during bombarding
The JA's
> don't seem to have that problem.

This is because the lead wires have to hold the shell in place. With the larger trodes, they can bend the wires from weight during shipping and bombarding. Ours still have the mica sleeve in the 19CM and 19CL. Mason could've had to use a disc because the lead wires were not strong enough to hold the weight. in Europe they pump differntly than here. We try and get the tube bombarded in about 120 seconds where they use a longer pumping method. We bring the trodes up to temperature fast and furious.

> You must be lucky, or I am unlucky. When I
> use to use Eurocom's for contract work
> (that's what I was given to use) it was
> common to have to center the shell in the
> jacket. Even most of the 150 and 250 mA
> Eurocom's I use have to be manually
> centered.

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