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Re: Masonlite Electrodes

Posted By: SVP Neon Equipment
Date: Wednesday, 13 December 2006, at 8:27 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Masonlite Electrodes (Chris S.)

I re-read my post from the other night and I see this morning it didn't come across as I had intended. It was really meant more tongue in cheek than literal. In response to your questions...

> Mark: With all due respect, if the mica
> ring is necessary to center the firing end
> of the electrode, then why do other
> manufacturers do without it?

It isn't necessary. But it makes it easier for the firing end to stay centered. It is also a big plus if you ship glass because it keeps the ceramic collar from beating against the glass jacket, which can easily crack the glass bouncing down the road in the back of a freight truck.

My guess is that other mfgs. don't use them because it adds cost and therefore cuts bottom line profits. Why did them all stop using the mica band that used to be around the inside of the glass jacket? To cut costs. The thing is, back in the mid 80's when Masonlite was starting to market in the U.S. they didn't use anything - no disc or mica band. Neon shops complained like crazy because they thought Masonlite was being cheap for not doing it. Funny how thngs change.

> I use the
> Eurocom models without it and have never
> had a processing problem or arcing problem.

In all honesty, the disc can cause a "hot spot" during bombarding if the collar and disc are not tight in the metal shell. But so can a non disc electrode if the collar is not tight. Masonlite has had a problem with consistency with the tightness of the disc for years. The JA's don't seem to have that problem.

> I center the electrode manually only when it
> is really tweaked in the glass jacket, usually
> the result of shipping or packaging. But that
> is so rare I can't remember the last time
> it had to be done.

You must be lucky, or I am unlucky. When I use to use Eurocom's for contract work (that's what I was given to use) it was common to have to center the shell in the jacket. Even most of the 150 and 250 mA Eurocom's I use have to be manually centered.

> As for shaking the mercury past the ring, we're > not talking rocket science here. I think I know > how to shake down the mercury in a tube.

My comment was meant in jest. I have an idea of how long you have been dumping mercury units ;-)

> But when I'm holding a large or cumbersome tube
> that can break under it's own weight, it's
> easier without the ring.

Perhaps, but some electrodes without the disc are just as difficult because the collar is too big and too close to the glass. The mercury has a tendency to get stuck behind the collar.

> We buy our electrodes through Daco because they > give us good service and price and we have had
> a business relationship with them for more than > 10 years. In other words, pretty much the same > reasons we would do business with SVP.
> --Chris.

Understood. The point I was trying to make is the incentive. If there isn't *some* kind of incentive, then what's the point in buying Eurocom electrodes from someone else other than Eurocom?


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