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Re: Mercury dispenser

Posted By: neonsissy
Date: Tuesday, 24 October 2006, at 4:06 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Mercury dispenser (SVP Neon Equipment)

i have three of mark's mercury injectors. i've never dropped one on the floor but we did manage to break off the glass tip on the old style ones before he changed them up. my employees and i are very hard on all the equipment. i have double and for some things, triple backups. extra stopcocks, o-rings, blowers, manifolds, bombarder and vacuum pumps. i think i'm paying about 27 bucks per half pound of mercury these days. and it's been a bitch to get everytime. i usually order it a month before we run out.

> Good thread! And thanks for the props GB.
> Glad you like the new design. I wish I would
> have thought of it 5 years ago! :-|

> I have to agree with the points GB brought
> up about using glass over anything else to
> contain and store your mercury in. But even
> with glass, you have to be careful of which
> type of glass is used. Soft glass
> (particularly lead glass, but other soft
> glasses as well), have been known to react
> to some extent with mercury. So using an
> el-cheapo glass syringe from the corner drug
> store is not the best thing to do. Other
> than fused quartz, borosilicate is the least
> reactive glass and works very well for
> storing mercury.

> Yes, you can use a high purity polyethylene
> bottle. One respected mercury distiller
> offers mercury in such a bottle for their
> instrument grade mercury, but still uses
> glass bottles for their highest grade of
> mercury.

> If the polyethylene bottle could be fitted
> with some type of needle that is not
> reactive with mercury (even stainless steel
> is over long periods of time) it may be
> usable. But I think it would lack control
> over the amount of mercury dispensed and may
> present other problems as well.

> Yes, if you drop a glass injector full of
> mercury on a concrete floor it will probably
> break. But then, if you drop a mercury unit
> on the floor it will surly break. Same for
> the Masonlite Quicksilver electrodes.
> Nothing is fool-proof.

> Other than accidentally dropping it on the
> floor, I'm not sure why you would need two
> injectors. The biggest problem is people not
> following instructions and not lightly fire
> polishing the end of the tubulation. It only
> takes a couple of seconds with a hot set of
> fires to do. It doesn't have to be anything
> real pretty, just enough to knock the sharp
> edge off the glass so it doesn't cut into
> the flexible Teflon needle when you slide it
> thru the tubulation and into the mercury
> trap. But if you really think you need two
> please don't let me stop you - LOL!

> Mark


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