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Re: trying to find equipment

Posted By: Burning Fire
Date: Monday, 3 July 2006, at 9:13 p.m.

In Response To: Re: trying to find equipment (nathan)

> I'm looking more for the basics like a
> ribbon burner and bombarder to get started.

Oh-me-oh-my, who could these people be in disguise? Give us all a break "Sanford" or whoever your dual personality is today. The basics INCLUDE what joemomma is referring to below. Not in spite of it. You need ALL these things. Not just a bombarder and burners!!! Those choices seem awfully selective to me. So lets sort this out piece by piece shall we??? For the most part our acquaintance Mr Jack King of Sanford and Son Salvage Yard sells well used and sometimes abused bombarders, burners and other miscellaneous neon trivia - some of which he has taken upon himself to "refurbish" personally (if that is what he wants to call it). On the other hand our esteemed colleague Mr Mark Snyder of SVP Neon Equipment who I assume joemomma was referring to below sells new equipment consisting mostly of pumping equipment. There has been some controversy going on lately as to who has been complaining about SVP's ebay listings and why. From what I gather the feeling is that Mr King is the one making the complaints because SVP is cutting in on his ebay market (am I close Jack?). So unless you know something the rest of us don't (highly unlikely) or you are Mr. King in disguise why would you suggest that the pumping equipment is not basic equipment but burners and bombarders are??? Unless you are trying to take attention away from the person who sells new quality equipment instead of the person who sells questionable used equipment??? Oh wait a minute..... That's right..... Jack DOES sell the pumping equipment to!!! He offered me a metal manifold one time and I told him he was crazy!!! He tried to convince me with his smooth talking "used car salesman" approach how safe they were if they were "properly grounded". Yea right!!! I'm losing my hair but what I have left I like the way it is - without a high voltage induced PERM!!! A metal manifold and high voltage = BAD NEWS!!! Do you remember what I told you Jack??? Think real hard!!!

If you are for real and not the "Jackal" playing more of his games with names take my advice. Don't buy used neon equipment from someone who's business ethics include bidding on his own auctions to *Jack* the price up on you!!! I know what he did to me in the interest of making a few extra bucks. And all I bought was some used burners. I can only imagine what he would do with more dangerous things like his beloved used and abused bombarders and chokes!!!

And don't be fooled by old "Steve" here either. He just joined today to like you did!!! Come on Jack - come up with something more original would you???

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