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Posted By: Burning Fire
Date: Sunday, 2 July 2006, at 8:47 p.m.

In Response To: NOTICE & RE-LISTINGS (again) (SVP Neon Equipment)

Some jerks don't have anything better to do but cause trouble for others. It isn't hard to figure out who it is. The "person" has not said anything for months on any of the message forums. Now you are trying to sell some wares on ebay and wonders never cease - all of a sudden they are back on the forums and you are BOMBARDED with complaints! My-oh-my. I wonder who it could be??? I hope you catch them and sue them for every cent they have!!! If it were me I would be making a field trip to Utah!!!

> Yes, more frivolous complaints about a
> couple of our listings again. The 2 items
> that were pulled, the manifold and diffusion
> pump, are now re-listed. The manifold is now
> item 160004148632 and the diffusion pump is
> now item 160004146352. If you have any
> problems finding any of the items please let
> me know.

> Thank you,
> Mark Snyder
> SVP Neon Equipment
> 803-783-1165

> --------------------------------------------------

> NOTICE: Once again there have been numerous
> complaints against our new eBay account.
> First it was because of the choice of our
> former user name www.svpneon . Then because
> our listing descriptions contained website
> links to additional information and pictures
> of the product at auction. Next was because
> title descriptions contained keywords to
> help potential buyers find our products on
> eBay. Now, the most recent, because we
> invite people to contact us directly if our
> listings are removed due to continued
> complaints from our competitor. SVP feels
> strongly that these complaints originate
> from one individual who occasionally sells
> used neon equipment on eBay as a hobby. We
> have substantial evidence to support this.
> We are working vehemently to resolve these
> things with eBay and we are making progress.
> eBay is continuing to investigate the
> sources of all the complaints and has been
> asked to forward their findings to our
> attorney. We will continue to list our
> products on eBay regardless of how many
> times our listings are reported for
> frivolous rules violations. The complaints
> have actually helped our business, not hurt
> it. In the event that our listings are
> removed again, for whatever reason, we
> request that you contact eBay with the item
> number and request that the listing you are
> interested in be reinstated so that you may
> bid on it if you choose to do so. If you
> have any questions regarding this please
> feel free to contact us directly at
> or 803-783-1165 for more
> information. Thank you for your continued
> support. SVP Neon Equipment

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