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FART transformers

Posted By: Gavin
Date: Monday, 13 March 2006, at 6:38 p.m.

Not long back i posted a message regarding FART transformers in neon ccts and the failure rate(incorrect loading etc). FARTs are very popular here but i notice that they are now manufactured even smaller than before. This raises several concerns with me as the failure rate on FARTs OCM's is quite common, due to the fact that they are housed against the main body of the transformer and get hot.
My concern is that if FART continue to make thier product smaller and smaller then the heat dissipation is reduced somewhat (tighter windings, less surface area etc). Surely a reduction in size is likely to increase the amount of heat a FART produces and thereby increasing the probability of OCM malfunction.
I recently pulled a FART out of cct where the OCM had fused itself closed - it was cooked like a biscuit! As a result the OCM failed to work once a tube had been broken causing arcing etc.
In a market where i am increasingly justifying the use of cold cathode over LED's, mainly because of bad neon installations and the customers anxiety about high voltage ccts and the prevalence for arcing/fires etc. I find this move by FART to be quite alarming.
Many shopping malls here refuse to have neon at all and insist on hot cathode or LEDs, and one major sandwhich chain has directed its owners to do away with the neon signage due to too many maintenance issues. All of theses issues can be rectified by correct cct loading, installation and cct protection. But if iron core transformers are to be ever increasingly shrunk in size,then it becomes hard for me not to have issues with the product.

Maybe my assumptions are wrong, maybe not, id be interested to hear what everyone else on this forum thinks about the shrinking trannie and its possible downfalls.

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