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Re: HV bombarding trolley

Posted By: zack
Date: Tuesday, 30 August 2005, at 4:00 p.m.

In Response To: Re: HV bombarding trolley (Mark@SVP)

Interesting dialogue fellas.

It raises some more questions for me namely about capacitance. It was once explained to me that electricy behaves very much like water with amperage being volume and volatge being pressure. When a flow is established and you suddenly slam a valve closed on the end it can start breaking or stressing the plumbing.

When your talking about an interuption of electrical flow from a tube failure a similar situation would then exist. (Sorry if I tend to over simplify this). My guess is that the transformers capacitance is going to play a critical role here. So the question arising is how much capacitance do tranformers have? and also what about the some capacitance for the choke as well?

And speaking of capacitance, what about residual capacitance when you shut the bombarder down? What is there to prevent a nice shock when you've shut things off, locked out, and go to perform some maintenance on your system? (besides manually grounding devices at that time)

So lets say there is a major interruption while bombarding, my guess is that there is going to be a reverse voltage surge if no protection is provided. If you are running 1000 MA at 12,000v when this happens it would be aprx. equivalent to shutting off a 100a 120v motor, or a 50a 240v motor. Based on the transformer's load vs.load potential, and capacitance I would assume that the spike could be more or less. Certainly enough enough to make the lights flicker if not blow up your computers and. I am surmising here that this (one) of the reasons why we do not use common neon transformers for bombarding.

You may want to check my math here.

While you are discussing the ins and outs of a spark gap for safety measures what about the potential use of a capacitor? Just a thought.

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