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Luminous Products Co.,Ltd is producing eight series of photoluminescent pigment
Luminous Products Co.,Ltd also developed photoluminescent pigment into a series of photoluminescent products covering photoluminescent sign, photoluminescent flexible tape, photoluminescent rigid board, photoluminescent plastic pellet, photoluminescent enamel pigment, photoluminescent yarn and thread, photoluminescent paints, photoluminescent printing ink, photoluminescent aquarium rock pebble, photoluminescent inkjet print paper , photoluminescent&reflective tape, glow in the dark bracelet and necklace etc. Customers can directly choose the above photoluminescent products in their applications.

Please open our website to check all of photoluminescent products.

Luminous Products Co.Ltd
Tel: +86-0510-83614630
Address: No 12, Lite Industry Zero, WuXi, JiangSu, China.

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