Krypton Neon


The N e o T o n i c Scale

Disclaimer: Neon colors are difficult to render accurately in print or electronic format. No liability will be assumed for any damage claimed from use of this color chart. This color chart is not a substitute for viewing real neon tubing.  ** Please note that if this chart is distributed all credits and links must be preserved.

Standard Tones - (Clear Glass / Standard Coat)
NeoTone 100__________ Neon Red (Fire Red)
NeoTone 140__________ Orange (Amber Orange)
NeoTone 160__________ Pink (Hot Pink)
NeoTone 146__________ Peach (Orange/Pink)
NeoTone 164__________ Salmon (Pink/Orange)
NeoTone 240__________ Green (Lawn Green)
NeoTone 246__________ Lt Aqua (Lt. Green/Blue)
NeoTone 264__________ Lt Turquoise (Lt. Blue/Green)
NeoTone 260__________ Sky Blue (Lt. Blue)
NeoTone 200__________ Clear Blue (Silver Blue)
NeoTone 235__________ 3500 White (Warm White)
NeoTone 245__________ 4500 White (Day White)
NeoTone 265__________ 6500 White (Cool White)
High Tones - (Clear Glass / Double and Special Coats)